Tim Kelleher

Fan Art

I've included below some portraits I've made of Tim. Don't hesitate to submit your own artwork to me, if you ever created some! :-)

Tim as Himself

Made in 2013

Tim as Ted Sorenson (Thirteen Days)

What a pleasure to portray Tim as a good guy (at last! :-) In this movie, Tim plays President Kenndy's councelor and speech-writer. His character is a sensible, compassionate person.

Tim as Bishop (Matchstick Men)

Another great movie in Tim's career! I remember Tim describing his character as a "smallish but pretty savory role". He could not say it better! :-)

Tim as Argento (The Negotiator)

In this movie, Tim played a bad guy (what else is new lol?), not a creepy one though - at least, compared to his previous performance in Dark Skies! ;)

Tim as Jim Steele
(Dark Skies)

Doing portraits of Jim Steele is a challenge - let's face it, that guy was a total freak! But, still, I love this character: Thanks to him, I discovered Tim! :-)